YN Jay, Louie Ray – Reflection
Genre Pop


IntroYN Jay

[Enrgy, made this one
Enrgy, why you do that man?
Always doin' somethin' man

Verse 1YN Jay

Reflection, I thought I saw myself but it was really you
I be talkin' to myself, like is it really you?
Jump fly on the plane, but I really flew
Nigga thought he had some ZaZa, it was really doo
Xanny looked white in the dark, it was really blue
Let me fuck you good tonight, like what you finna do?
Man I'll make your top drop, like a missing roof
I be cookin' in the kitchen, smell like chicken soup
Hold on
Nigga thought I hit his main bitch, but it was [Ahhh!
Nigga thought I hit his main bitch, but it was really Lou
I just dropped all my old hoes, all my bitches new
How the fuck you pull up with a, and you [Ahhh!
How the fuck you pull up with a, and you forget to shoot?
How do niggas diе in the streets? Cause they forgеt the rules
Left the crib with a knot of sloppy 20s, I forget the blues
Everyday all I do is win, I forget to lose
I ain't trippin' on these groupie bitches, they gon pick and choose
I don't know what I'ma wear today, you can pick my shoes
I don't know what I'ma shoot today, you can pick my tool [Hold on]

Verse 2Louie Ray

Okay, okay, yeah
I made her shut the fuck up, cause she talkin' a lot
I used to leave my momma crib, and walk to the spot
Totin' a lil .38, the one you ain't cop
I heard dawg was on your ass [Who?], the one you ain't pop
Need another 4 of Wock, shit level me out
Nigga tryna charge $250, ain't helpin' me out
I'm a patient at the door like I'm in jail and they lettin' me out
Her coochie damn near was screamin' back, like you stretchin' me out
Fucked the bitch to sleep, it's time to go like who lettin' me out?

Verse 3YN Jay

Aye, where the dough at? [Where it's at?
Want me to drive 6 hours away, where the show at?
Say you got some bitches on the floor, where the hoes at?
I'm tryna sip on some Belaire, where the Rose at?
Nigga tried to steal my style, I want my flow back
I just took a nigga bitch, he want his hoe back
Oh, you seen me drivin' down the street, I might blow past
Oh, you seen my drivin' drunk as hell, they like don't crash
I know a cute bitch that's bad as hell, but ain't got no ass
I know a nigga flashin' 20 thousand, ain't got no cash [Naw
Bitch fucked my head up
Bitch keep squirtin', she done fucked my bed up
Beat her doonies down, I done fucked my leg up
Hit her from the side, I done spilled milk red cup
I had to stop poppin' Perkys, I just put my meds up
I seen my nigga at the bottom, I had to pick my mans up
I know life get hard, you gotta pick your chin up
All this fake love, swear a nigga fed up [Fake love
Hit her from the side, I done put my leg up [Damn
Stack 100 days, gotta put my bread up
Walkin' with a bottle in the club, I'll bust your head up
I just fucked a bitch that used to play me, she done seen I came up
I'ma slam dunk in her pussy, I won't never layup
I'ma fuck you good then hit the road, I won't never lay up
Bad bitch cute, nails done, she don't need no makeup [Bad bitch]

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