Redeemed Fate – TheThirdErnest
Genre Pop

Redeemed Fate


I was in love a few years ago, but I let it slip
Mistakes were made that to this day it seems I can't forget
Some painful lessons that I learned as I watched you moved on
And watch dude take my place who can never do no wrong
And broken hearts are for two and you carry them both
That's a burden that I live with and I carry it close
'Cause I 'caused our downfall and he 'caused the other
But you wouldn't even got to him if I had been the lover
And the friend and in the end I gave you еverything I promised
If I was only stronger wе could've avoided all this
My heart's a defective product, but the packaging is flawless
Outside, cleaned and polished, inside, empty and tarnished
From anger and emotion and years of manipulation
So many skeletons I'm moving from the closet, to the basement
And bury my burdens, worried too nervous to try to face it
In fact, they would abuse and I knew it was contagious
But I made sure that you were oblivious to it all
Your knight and shining armor, but that armor was flawed
A perfect image I presented, but resentment was inside
Intentions misaligned, filled with malignant lies
You see pain is the only thing I've ever known
And 'cause of it I'm reaping seeds I should've never sown
'Cause I was trampled on the start from a life before you
My soul was lost, I paid a cost that I couldn't afford to
Now I'm the Phantom behind the mask, at the opera it seems
Good guy, troubled past, cost him the girl of his dreams
And I live in constant flashbacks to better days
To a love that was beautiful ways
I hear that loneliness is good for the soul and I'd have to agree
I lost my purpose and in searching, found the answers in me
I battled demons went to what was damaging me
I see the light and no longer blinded by past within me
I'm a better man than I used to be, this feeling here is new to me
I grew, but not for you, it was something I had to do for me
And truthfully, it's unusually hard to deny what you conjure
And now I got nothing but time to sit back and wonder
If redemption is on your mind when you think about me
Now that I'm no longer in your life, do you sing about me?
Do you reminisce on the laughter before relationship shattered?
And try your best to remember the good things about me
And is it too late to ask for a clean sleight?
'Cause girl the real me showing up and I know it seems late
And I know that I'm not perfect I just hope you think its worth taking another shot at a chance at redeemed fate
Just understand that there was damage that I had to mend
And I'm just asking for the chance to make you laugh again
To be your personal Sebastian or Jim Gaffigan
And be the one that you see in your future plans again
'Cause to get to you I'd walk in the snow, no jacket, both directions
And I bleed so that you could be seen with no imperfections
This ain't no smoke and mirrors, and this ain't no misdirection
This is me being who I was, do you mind the indiscretions?
And I know that in this message, somewhere there's a hidden lesson
I battled and I've been tested, giving better perspective
New respect for the peeps, from seeing the lows of the trenches
And the scars that are on my heart are forever will be indebted
Because every single mark is a sign of progression
I've conquered the depths and forward's the direction I step in
You either grow from the dead and my resurrection
The hands on the clock wind time than the present
And I know it's hard to put your heart back in my hands
But it's gotta be faith the way that you are back in my plans
So I'ma brush my shirt and fix my pants
'Cause I better look good, girl, if this my chance, I swear

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