Rasinè – The heist
Genre Rap

The heist

Whoa whoa
Whoa, yeah
Verse 1
Guess who's back alive from the dead now
Yes it took a minute but I'm here now
Rest assured I'm with it and they all know
Best you keep a seat up at the front row
Had to let myself go to see past my ceilings
Niggas never feel you till they see u winning
That ain't nothing personal dont play the villain
Just understand its all a stage I told u man rhymes on a page not a

Ting to me, ground breaking like king bumi
Long haul no fling to me, figured some things just meant to be
Cross carried round the atlas, shit was kinda scary but I got past
Hit the commissary ,tools in my belt
Hit the floating like I'm Michael Phelps
Did it all myself I ain't have no help, no lesson go with a L
Learning my lines and play it well, so I elavate out of a living hell
Visited many a wishing well -now it's no coins left
I just put in the work, dont wish me well ? imma still come first
And I always keep them niggas guessing they never know what comes next
And im never the one to be testing I do it with no context
They rock with me - I think I'm the voice of the times
So when this shit start popping dont be hitting my line
[so rock with me ]

Run it back run it back
Take me back take me back take me back
Yeah, yo, hey yo

I been minding my biz dude -people feel the need to say things
Focus on all of my wins dude- ripple thru em cuz it's basic
Supersonic in my spaceship - I said this game need a facelift [yeah
Look at all em going ape shit[yeah] - now I just feel like the favorite, easy as stealing candy from a baby [yeah]

Bag to the side I'm looking for a better me, a remedy
Man I couldn't find it in a melody
You know, we know, the ego the enemy
Nothing else new that u telling me yeah
I dunno who the hell said he not feeling this
Last thing u want is the man turned villainous
Blasting the gun so hands where the ceiling is [yeah]

This shit a heist, I dont play for the cinemas
Take your opinion and use it as enemas
Pop heads i dont break bread with the enemies
Still got like 10 of these yh
Niggas get props for doing the bare minimum
Niggas get popped for being around Zimmermen
Try to tell me that my 2 cents not relevant
Some shit u gotta bear with like the revenant
And now im feeling this screw what u telling em
Know I'm the one ,left foot right foot do this for fun
Back it out scrrr and be on the run
Lights in my rear view so is the sun
Stash in the trunk and it weighs a tonne
Brodie watch out that man got a gun
Brodie watch out that man got a..

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