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September 20, 2023


Don't cry is all cool
No need to cry is all cool (yeah, yeah)
Big noddy nodding off by the pool
Don't be passive tell me what you want to do

Hammer under my pillow, yeah
Listening to my front door, yeah
Violence in my home, yeah
Get a train to LazyTown with my boys, yeah

I can hear experience in your voice
Lloyd playing around with toys
Talking on the internet that's all noise
What's wrong with you if you want to be annoyed

Trynna make me a monster like Johan
Rocking out to horse girl in the barn
Lazy Glasgow to Naarm
Yeah, I make the grind so fun

What's up I'm so damn dumb
Learn how to use your hands before a gun
I don't wanna hear your shit I want none
Long day so I bill and bun

Posted in the cottage eating hot cross bun
Don't care what I've done I'm just trynna do more
LazyTown all the music too raw
New loafers on my feet clip clopping on the floor

I can't stop I'm going
I earn the high so I'm floating
Confused to what they're promoting
Plant a seed then grow it

You can say what you want but can you show it
To present chancing the spice of life
Playing with frequencies so divine
Put shit in motion ignore the mind

Her personality is so fine
Clouds billowing in but we still shine
Nod Nod Nod Nod I recline
Stay stoic fuck being a sucker

My pants and my shirt and my hood all Posture
Lean in to yourself don't be an imposter
(cough, cough) I need a doctor
Paul Smith polo pop my collar

Let's go to Myer David Jones
Duffle bag on you know how it goes
OK, Bootleg Baby 4 life based world
Scrubbing the sand just looking for a pearl

Do a bop do a dance do a twirl
Shouts out to Sally that's my fucking homegirl
It's easy to love in this world
It's easy to love in this world

Rapallo – THIS WORLD

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