Rae Mills – Jiuce (2)
Genre Pop

Jiuce (2)


Oh ay ah
Idda ba
Veta da
And I saw
Vena da
Finna stick
Meda vlae
And I lick
Gonna go
Gotta lick
Piece of pick
And I go
Mutha fick
Mutha row
And I stick
Mana mo
And I go
And I go
To the store
And I row
In the store
To the store
Mother yo
And I row
To the store
And I voe
And I doe
To the voe
With a row

Chorus 1

Holy fuck shit bitch
I'll hit your fucking dick
Fucking lick and I doe
Got the fick got the flick
Yo fucker get the ma
Fifty for the nitty ma
Anybody body roll
Buddy Sudy
Futtee dough


Hit 'em in the head
Fucker hit 'em in the boat
Better get the goat
Fitty fit the fo
And I don't even to thе go
I ain't got the flow
And if you fif-fif me
The I fuck with you
I don't еven fuck your dad
And I don't even fuck your mom
Motherfucker hit 'em with a big fat bomb
And I hit 'em in the bay and I beat 'em with a pole
Peter finna hit 'em with the bro with the goal
I ain't even go to the store gotta go
Gotta play me fuckin' Nintendo 64
Fucky fucky fo
To my dough
I'm playing me some Turok Rage Wars
And I don't even go with Fruit By The Foot
Motherfucker hit 'em and I'm sucking up soot
Got Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Motherfucker I'm gonna hit em in the Moses

Chorus 2

Fuck shit fuck a dick
Fuck I don't even gotta fuck
Fitty duck
Fitty duck
Titzy suck
I- You ain't got that something that I mother fucking need
Motherfucker hit my knees
Motherfucker in a Veez


I don't even got a Subway in my VaPhone
Motherfucker play that song right out my headphones
I don't even gotta may fucka say
Fucka sick for the dick
I don't gotta
For the stick

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