RadSMLThumbnails – Someone Is Sad?
Genre Rap

Someone Is Sad?


You really wanted to diss me?
RadSMLThumbnails, Brr!
Nigga, who you is?
Someone is sad, mmm, mmm [x4]


Someone is sad, mmm, mmm
Are you really sad? Mmm, mmm [x4]

Verse 1RadSMLThumbnails

Someone is sad, mmm, mmm
Excellent, mmm, mmm
Is a bitch, and you know it
Hold on, hold on
Yeah, yeah
Okay, back to the beat, and it's time to go off
Excellent loves watching Gabriel jerk off
everyday, don't need to take off
I bet you love getting dropped off at KFC
Nigga, you wanna be me
You stay copying me
But you call me the pussy
Mmm, Last time I checked, you ain't showed up to the fight
But next timе I see you, nigga, it's on sight
Making fun of Ethan because he is whitе
I bet yo' got lice, mmm


Someone is sad, mmm, mmm [x4
Someone is sad, mmm, mmm
Are you really sad? Mmm, mmm [x4]


Someone is sad
It's time for my boy Ethan
Ethan, Ethan, Hulsey, show off, for me

Verse 2Ethan Hulsey

You say I have no life and I have no damn friends
At least my dad ain't losing both of his damn legs
You call other people fat, let's talk about you
I'm not the one who eats all that damn food
You call me poor, but I got a PS5
Why do you think you're so tough on-fucking-line
I helped Devin liked you helped your dad down the stairs
When you walking down the street, all the people stare

Verse 3xBlue_SlitherZZ

Someone is sad, Someone is mad
Made a disstrack on Rad
That sounded like ass
You call me a simp for Elaina, but you like her too
Imagine threatening to bomb a school
You betrayed Blink and you betrayed Chris
Which is why me and Rad are making this diss


Someone is sad
Where is yo' dad?
Oh I forgot, he cannot walk cause he don't got no legs
Fuck you

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