Racoma – Pools
Genre Indie Pop, Pop


Verse 1

Maybe it's some of the time
Maybe it's all of the time
This shit weighs me down
Maybe I'm thinking too much
Maybe I'm out of my element
I've tried some things

Verse 2

It's been there all of my life
Holding me back
Holding me down
Like a light switch it's nothing of sorts
I've told you before this feels like my fault
I'm trying to recognize the patterns behaviors
You can't be my savior

Verse 3

And I'm moving the needle
Growing my heart I've got to be the man who starts his own garden
It's been a long time coming


I did it for them
I did it for you
I did it for еvery fucking one I knew
I'm tirеd
This is my time now
And I'm just gonna


Dive in
Head first in the deep end
[You gotta let go
Dive in
Head first in the deep end
[You gotta let go
Jump in
Go on won't you feel something
[You gotta let go
Dive in

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