Quandale Dinlge, Meno – Dingle Jumper
Genre Rap

Dingle Jumper

[Goofy Ahh Uncle productions
Move a bitch to the side like she doin the shuffle
Shoot at your whole mother fucking gang, team rumble
I just really gotta let that bitch BEE no bumble. Tell that hoe to give me the cookie, no crumble. Call that nigga a trampoline the way we jump him
Shoot a nigga in his mother fucking feet yea, i punked him
If he keep on talking shit to me ima punch him. I’m finna spread her cheeks like a disease then I hump them
Like a school shooter ima teach yo ass a fucking lesson
Those ain’t school supplies nigga, those some mother fucking weapons
Bring a nigga out his socks yea I’m finna get arrested
I’m not no mother fucking student so, stop testing
Yea I just threw a mother fucking kid out my car bitch
All this gas that I’m blowing in yea it smells like i farted
This ain’t the end lil nigga, I just started
I’m finna steal my grandmas car then, park it. That nigga so silly he a goofy goofy goober
Yea you keep on laughing, ima pull up on you in the Uber
Yea I’m finna steal yo mother fucking bitch then ima loob her
I just fucked a mother face up call her Freddy cougar
He asking where his bitch at, I just ran through her
She said she wanna make a video, like YouTubers
That lil hoe do not wanna fuck with you, you a loser
I got your bitch giggling like re he he he
She wanna come and fuck, so get up on your knees
Im finna plant my dick in your bitch, like a tree
That bitch pussy smell nigga ima get febreeze
But, if that hoe come and fuck with me, than ima shoot her. Back back back”[Meno & Quandale
Back it up lil bitch-
[Meno] Verse:

Aye pull up like im shooting scoring balling for the Knicks
Niggas think we signed to Roddy all my niggas rich
Aim it at that nigga feet he jumping like this [Mario jump
Had to ask him was he bout it been said [no
If that nigga ever try me ima tag his toe
Ain't no lil Jon shorty getting low low low
Had my nigga ben laughing like [ho ho ho
Got that nigga laughing like lol XD
Got a thick Karen cougar and she so sexy
Yea my Glock is bigger too don't test me
I heard he was a [bleep] please don't press me
But u ever try me nigga my choppa go blocka
Ill chris rock a bitch, smack the rings out her
Chilling up in Houston with a Karen and we drinking vodka
Shorty really thinking niggas care is my name Obama?
She wanna eat my dick she a call of duty zombie with it
Kamehameha like goku i surpass my limits
I told that nigga stand still, why he trippin
I pull up on his block shooting scotty pippen
Had to catch em lacking ima aim it at his dreadlocks
Ain't no fortnite but that nigga caught a headshot
Ain't no lil wayne but this choppa make your bed rock
Had to catch em slippin hit em in the head, stop

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