Quaela – Interview on Quaela
Genre Rap

Interview on Quaela

-What was your inspiration to start making music?

Well my brothers have always been into making music
And I guess it just rubbed off on me i kept it to myself for a long time but finally decided to go public with my music in march of 2019 with my first song being 444

-When did you start making music how old are you and where are you based?

I started making music in eighth grade just writing down a few sentences at a time but after high school is when I really noticed I had a nac for it like I said I didn't go public until 2019 I think a lot of that involved me doubting myself for a long time but I’m here now and I won't give up so easily. I'm 24 years old now and I’m currently based in Nevada Laughlin

-What are the 3 tips you have for upcoming artist who are trying to get into music ?

I would have to say confidence is everything and being yourself will take you very far don't be afraid to collaborate with other artists and I think I'm still struggling with this one but release that song it's ready you're gonna make so much music in this lifetime so don't be afraid to post everything you got

-What is it about you that is different from other artist?

I'm just myself I don't really wanna be compared to other artists but I’m sure it an inescapable thing bound to happen and with that I don’t really have an answer I'm still trying to find my sound so it wouldn’t make much sense for me to try and answer that I could sound completely different two years from now

What are your goals with being an artist ?

I want to be on tour traveling I've never done anything like that and I can definitely see myself doing that I want to work with other famous artist and create a name for myself I believe I can go far with the right knowledge however I am looking for a mentor someone to work with me and teach me what I don't know

-Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

Living in a nice house driving a nice car with a nice woman by my side I want dogs, more dogs I currently have three dogs but a few more would be cool
I'm gonna be making a lot of music hopefully with some big names and overall just successful
-how did you come up with your name?

Ummm I don’t really know, I remember overthinking so many names but when I finally came up with it I started noticing how many people actually had that for their real name so I thought I better do right by this name haha

-What's your message to the youth?

Be yourself don't be afraid to feel good about your accomplishments even the little ones take time to understand your mistakes and don't let it hold you down you can only get better from each one

-What are some challenges you face as an artist and what have you done to overcome them?

I'm just starting so I haven't had any challenges yet to be honest the biggest thing I struggle with is writers block and the way I alleviate that is through watching a bunch of interviews from past celebrities famous artist etc. I do like deep dives on what motivates them how to stay consistent and disciplined and even though sometimes I have my setbacks I try not to let it ever get the best of me and move on

-what style would you consider your music to be?

Hip hop maybe some jazz rap from time to time I like spoken word but I'm sure what I'm doing isn't that over all I'd say hip hop

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