Psychotropics – Papi Goyo
Genre Rap


I eat guava I eat lulo I chew on dragon fruit
I’m a tropics dude, like a coconut I’m chopping you
On 5th Ave but in Xian China I’m shopping too
I always pick the options that’s more opportune
Shit on you like a prune
Wisdom endless like the dunes
When it’s hot outside like June
I’ll ride on you with my goons
Count my cash and sip sangria
It’s motherfucking juice
Drink my rum I got some cubes
In East Harlem making tunes
Bigger moves with my platoon
Your chick she a fan too
Pick some more remote shit
We’re not basic like Cancun
Ooh papi he so smooth
I want the number one I can’t settle for the two
My grass is green the sky is blue

I fiend that island fever I feel isolated
I’m hot as fuck man hyperventilating
I know the tide come, yet I’m never patient
I spend my time spitting but I never waste it

I’m Probably umm I’m probably Umm
Somewhere on an island just sipping rum
I’m the, I’m the dog and I came from heaven
Just to bless em
I’m probably on some island smiling
Wilding sip that z juice not concerned about this timing
Searching you won’t find me
Tell Adriana Lima I got some limes on Ilha Grande
Met a dime her name was Thais land reminded me of Thailand
Hat to go to Europe man but first I stopped in Iceland
Balance out her sweet shit I got Bombay and tonic
Blowing reefer like it’s incense boy speak like a prophet
Blow it in the Uber man I sparked it with Mohammed

Huh yeah he cool with me
Whole world cool with me
I’m a global dude
I Ride around with potency
Had to take a video she asked me for no photos please
My mama was conservative I used to hide my weed
I used to hide my weed now I hide in trees
I be having all I need I got mangos I got double D’s
I got bitches willing to favors for this Papi G
That just stepped up on this island
I’m a foreign motherfucker still I’m
Lost you can’t find me
Still I’m lost you can’t find me

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