PRXJEK – Childish Gambino Freestyle
Genre Rap

Childish Gambino Freestyle


This sounds like that Childish Gambino song
Uh, uh, uh, uh


Let me stimulate your fucking mental
While I hop on this beat and
Make a masterpiece on this instrumental
It's a travesty, address me as your majesty
It's time to bounce but I ain't talking 'bout a trampoline
You ain’t challenging I could see it while I grab your wings
And I cut you off if you claim that you flyer than an angel
Then I take a bullet and I stab it through your halo
Or I meant to say a sword I swear to god I say so
Feel like I be Simon 'cause they always listen to me
How they judging me like Simon, God I'm wilding, like I'm Nick Cannon

It's comin through I leave 'em blue like [make up man
I'm killing all them enemies you see it man, uh
Yeah that shit that I rap on
Understand it's a different type of mento
I'm a different type of mental
Capacity, and actually it beats...
I don't know, shit

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