Professor X vs Magneto – The infinite source
Genre Rap

Professor X vs Magneto

Verse 1Professor X

Call me Xavier
Better known as the
New World Savior
That mean you mess with me
Prepare for failure
Take off the helmet
You don't stand a chance
That's my analysis
Hit you with a mental bolt
Enjoy induced paralysis
Got a super mutant mansion
The Professor's made of cheddar
Avoid any X words, though
I own the letter
This is your First Class
Sweat that I should charge admission
Reached heights that you never will
From a seated position

Verse 2Magneto

Indeed, stay seated
No need in standing just to hear
The mutant who will bury you is
The same who put you in the chair
A magnetic field is expanding
And it's all at will
Defeat you with this energy usage
And then send you the bill
Check my starting lineup
On any given Sunday
Killers and my women
Belong on a mutant runway
Listen, Charles, our mutations
Are new human advances
Think you're tough but you're just mad
Your middle name is Francis

Verse 3Professor X

PhD's in Anthropology, Psychology, Genetics
And an MD in Psychiatry
And your skill?
Your magnetic
Cyclops will give you red eye
I'll cool you off with Iceman
Show you the truth with Angel
Beast will shorten up your lifespan
My originals, we're the stuff of legends
Yes, I swear it
So sit in second with my blue leftovers
Your only future's in the past
So let us set the story straight
You and your pawns lose
And this verse was checkmate

Verse 4Magneto

Somewhere you see the truth
That what I do is for the greater good
And if you had a pair
You could've joined up with The Brotherhood
I do the things you wish you could
I do the things you know you should
Try to take me one on one
Boy, I wish a mutant would
You've got a team of misfits
We're in a different league, so
Change the algorithm
There's a flaw in your Cerebro
Say that you're a legend
But Magneto is timeless
This would be your Last Stand
If you weren't spineless

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