Prince Pleiades – Konclusions (remix)
Genre Bay Area, R&B

Konclusions (remix)

Aye, do you trust me like I’m trusting you
Cause I been havin hella visions of me fuckin you
Backstrokes bend you over like I’m pose to do
But tell me first do you still fuck around with other dudes

The eyes could be deceitful yea that’s what I heard
But I ain’t really into rumors tell me what’s the word
I’m catchin feelins ain’t no frontin baby this the first
I cop that Nicki for you putchu in dat Fendi purse


Yea imma shine you like my diamond piece
You trump a dime so imma call u my lil Donna piece
I hear em talkin that’s just how they move up in thе streets
But im interested to see you in bеtween my Louie sheets

So when I hitchu on that main line
I’m trynna see what that shit do on facetime
I’m late tryin
But for you bet imma make time
Cuz im the type of nigga fuck u till yo face cry

Pleiades don’t forget the P
Yes this is rated X
I bet chu want the D
If I tell you that I love you its on G.P
Now go and put this remix on the repeat

And Yea you ain't Eva gotta ask fa shit
Cuz if I got it then you got it
That’s just how it is
It ain’t too common that I argue in relationships
So when ask you all these question
Bet not plead the fifth

Cause I could love you straight to next Monday
And after church bet imma fuck you like its first Sunday
Nah I don’t brag about the bag but I get that work money
And then I rinse that in my trap cuz dat was dirt money


Yea Issa jungle
This ain't nothin new
Ain’t finna cat I’m trynna see what that lil monkey do
I getchu coming now we bussin finna hip the zoo
I cannot help it if you puff on dat gorilla glue

Pull this chain around my neck and then I rub up on you
I know you used to ain't shit niggas so I love up on you
I give dat ass a lil smack before I cut up on
I pull it out and make a mess now that’s a bussup on you

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