Prince O – Triumph
Genre Hip Hop, Rap


Hear there’s Money on The way
Heard there’s money on the Way

Get That Bag Getro!


Stones on my Neck
Warner Bout to Send a Check
All of This Money Legit
None of My Niggas Gotta Call Collect
I Walk in The Room and They Think It’s a Flex [Flex
I Ain’t Even Got It Started Yet
Bad Yellow Bitches In My Kitchen and They Backs Get Blown Like a Lead Check
Get It I Get
They Hate When Thеy See Me
I Put That Shit On
You can’t Get it, It’s Limited
All of Thеse Stones Round My Throat I’m a Goat
Cavalli My Toes When I walk Through The Snow
[Walk Through The Snow
If They Talkin Grammys We Back on The Road
Gotta Shooter Go With Me, He Slide With The Pole
Told You Bitch Niggas That I Want It All
If You Never Seen it Then I got It On

When Eaters Gon Geek It ain’t Silent
Got Molly Pullin Up With Miley
And The Weed Is Still Loud Like a Siren
She Took The Cap Off Now She Poppin a [Woah] SHHH Yea She Get Into That
This Motion Got Me Back and Forth
This is The New Black Rock an’ Roll

Yea Yea

Did It Again
Oh Yea I did It Again
Oh Yea I did it Again

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