Pretty Gordo – Waka Flocka Flame
Genre Rap

Pretty Gordo


God Damn turnt up man, shit man
Sayin' I took it all
[swag daddy
All black Caddy

Verse OneWaka Flocka

Waka Flocka, loco loco, I don't fuck with po-po, po-po
F'in on my hip, shorty, I'm not ridin' solo dolo
R.I.P. to Duncan Romo, pay for pussy, that's a no-no
Throwing money, dive in the crowd, shorty I take all that promo
Call me Pretty Gordo, baller, date a model, drinking Roma
Scott'll keep me G'd up while I'm buying bottle after bottle
Three chicks, Frankie Lymon, he ain't balling, girl, he's just lying
Oh, broke-ass nigga, won't you keep on trying?
Killed the parking lot, it's our assignment
My watch say I made it, my chains say I'm rich
Diamonds in my mouth got me talking cash shit
Kush Clark Kent, for dough, bitch what I spit
Fuck your main girl off my down south accent
Waka Flocka
Waka Flocka
Waka Waka Waka Flocka
Waka Waka Flocka

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