Preacher of Hell – Diabolic Force
Genre Rock

Preacher of Hell

Beg for your lord of every revenge
Master of death art, destructor of the alliance
Lacerates the souls of the weak ones with his words
Turning the pleasure of suffering our grace

It hovers in all places with smell of blood
I accomplish my destiny and confirm my revolt
Obey the nightmares that provide and don't cry
The sky is on fire and to die quickly is to be a lucky subject

Preacher, Preacher of Hell!
Preacher, Preacher of Hell!
Preacher... of death!

Make official the world chaos
And in the face of the Earth it's desolation
Tears won't avoid a beautiful annihilation
For my hate there is no limit or remorse

Rain of blood purifies my soul
It carries the whole mistakes of the world
That even of their own malignance survive
Don't make any judgement or defend somebody's pardon

[Because some of his several names are] Poverty or Desolation

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