Pompi – Refuge
Genre R&B


They say, "you better look before you reap!"
But life often don't give a hole for you to peep
We're all hoping - we're not a victim of defeat
Caught up in the life cycle
At the bottom of a chain - gotta exercise power
Conquest is the order of the day
Ni - TAMANGA - everybody wanna get paid
Ona Bana - and another one is on the way
But I'mma hustle up for us
I have been hunting all day
But I wonder - "would we still beat destiny
If the word of the world got thе best of me?"
Would you look at your ring with disappointment?
Or would pick up my arms and comе and join in?
Like a soldier - when the days are colder;
Would I know my tears got a home on your shoulder?
Would you keep my heart exposed to the vultures -
When the enemy is approaching?

When the world is too much;
And I feel out of touch
Can I run to you for refuge, baby?
Naine nimalema
This rock that you see -
Cannot always be -
Will you be strong for me, yeah?

Behind every successful man is a stronger woman
As I am approaching success;
I am assuming you'll be patient
Embracing me at the low times
See potential in me, even when I got knocked downs
If the worlds tempt you;
Saying, "you can do better."
With the emotions all aside - you gonna know better
That the man of your dreams;
Actually a dream killer

"Love is all good but your stomach needs filling
"And you cannot have love for your dinner
"Sankha wa kang'ono - see a certified spinner
"What's love if it can't keep you warm in the winter?"

Would you boldly reply with your chin up;
Saying in my defense;
"You ain't making sense don't lecturer me
"I choose to be different: I LEARN FROM MY MISERY
"Together through the pain, and together through the victory."
That's a good thing
Cause you can't remember respecting a house that you never laid a brick in
Not a cool thing, I got faith in the man
So I ain't going nowhere chasing the real big

[Speaking words, that will move me;
I [Can depend on you
So tender and smoothing;
I [Can depend on you
You make me feel better
You purify - my love - for you;
Is a burning fire] x 2

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