Pollyhadmolly – You’vebeenlost (prod. Masked Man)
Genre Rap

You’vebeenlost (prod. Masked Man)

IntroLaura Mvula & POLLYHADMOLLY

You can’t
[Live without the world on your
[Should-ders-ders yeah
Young Aphrodite hey [mmm
Yeah okay okay mmm hey

verse 1

I feel hopeless
I wonder if life has a purpose?
Stressed and depressed
But no one seems to notice
I’m easy to replace
Forever alone I know it
The people that I love
Abandon me at my lowest

verse 2

Why Am I so naive?
Am I really easy to trick or deceive?
I’ve always had the reputation of bеing aloof
Loneliness leads to isolation
I am living proof
Fatiguing you’rе explain how I feel
Sometimes I have days when I even feel real
Time will heal, it’s axiomatic I refuse to give a shit
I feel out of place so I am just a misfit


Polly? Mother of molly?
... I believe... in the death of emotions
Hey... goneee

HookLaura Mvula

You’ve been-been
Lost in a-a, dark place for a long
Time-time ahhhhh [2x
You can’t-can’t
Live without the world on your-your
On your should-ders-ders yeah [2x

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