Poe Cete – Crimson
Genre Alternative, Pop, Rap



Meditation is important

That’s one helluva pilot! Woo hoo!


Uh, bitch, I'm a helluva nigga
I’m spinning acrylics and going guerrillas
Can make you a donut but not like J Dilla
These goofy ass niggas claiming that they killers
When in reality, they be the sweetest
I’m down in her deepest, I’m feeling prestigious
I’m telling disciples to go and find Jesus
I learned that I had watch out for the leeches
In love with her features, they’re making me horny
You’re just the informant, you’re not too important
Got locked on the coordinates, my nigga, you is unfortunate
Go to vacate in thе Orient
Call you an ornament, terrorist tеndencies
Drop a new track just to fuck up your legacy
I’ll send a ballast tank straight to my enemies
Similar status, invest in the industry, uhhh


Niggas be flexing bout catching a body
And wonder why they went to jail
Fuck up your aura and knock you off balance
For simply not wanting me to go prevail
On a whole press run, civil discussion on whether
I did overwhelm the reveal
Say what is real, cut you the end of the deal then
Fucker, can you just switch the flow, please?
Uhhh, fasho
What that nigga thinking tryna sneak in from the door?
South Sac niggas pulling up in front your home
Bust in with the 9 double M at your throat
Big ass truck, niggas thought it was a boat
Hard ass blizzard so you better grab a coat
Who she think she is, Ima make the bitch choke
Shoot a nigga with some lightning, I’m a Sith lord


Uhhh, medallion wish
Most of you niggas is making me sick
Do me a favor and hop off my dick
Fuck your opinion you’re making me pissed
Uhhh, medallion wish
Most of you niggas is making me sick
Do me a favor and hop off my dick
Fuck your opinion you’re making me sick



I’m a Tarzan nigga here to fuck up your arrangement
Hate me, you cannot sedate or hesitate me
Darkskin nigga so suburban doesn’t change me
Lately, I’ve been feeling like nothing could phase me
Actually, containing the masterpieces, I know they after me
Do not compare to Jesus, please, more validation than Master Chief
Master me, master me, no white nigga master me
Give me the title of master free, keep the lineage after me
This that new shit, old niggas ain’t used to this
Cannot even move with us, bitches stay straight rude to me
Eulogy, tag it on backward, smoke him alive, roll him up in a backwood
Matter fact, he can lay on the hardwood, he can’t keep up with me ‘cause I’m that good


Ah damn they don’t want me to win
Spent a cruel ass summer, had to follow the wind
Can’t have the luxury deciding whether not it’s a sin
But it don’t matter because maturation spawned on my chin
And it’s a closed case, can’t destroy me, I’m too important
Swagger back, I’m a sore bitch, I’m back from Oregon
Morbid, bodies too detached like they imported
Orchids, keep watch at the sky, I’m soaring


This an anthem for the alt bitches
Bring your goth friends with you to the function, yeah
Let’s party with the white girls doing fuck shit, yeah
Ditch your boyfriend, leave him home, go to the party, yeah
This my favorite song, do not get me started, yeah
Gas on like tobacco in the Cadillac
Living life like it’s rich girl status, yeah
Living life like it’s your last day
Cannot beat the crowd so you just join them, aye


Oh, shit
Ugh, it’s fucking wrong
Ugh, fuck

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