Dracula flow 3 lyrics

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July 31, 2023

Dracula flow 3 lyrics

I'm movin' different
This shit ain't nothin' to me, man, I'm a dog
I'm bitin' the fart bubbles in the bath
We smokin' Symbiotes
Smokin' that Whoopie Goldberg south Egyptian furburger deluxe Mega Millions scratcher skunk bubba kush
We smokin' dung beetle
I'm on 12 Vicodin smokin' on Scooby-Doo dick
We smokin' Sequoia banshee boogers
We snortin' that good buffalo soldier tamarind Jordanian jimmies

They must have amnesia, they forgot that I'm him
That Burberry back woods pack hitting that pussy smell like a Hellcat V8
We smokin' shit in a glass pipe, blowin' the lord's bubbles, yeah!
I'm sick in the head, I'm on them Broward County Tic-Tacs
I'm on them Georgetown Gеronimos, I'm on them Nashville Nibblers
I lеft my Margielas in the Benz truck, I'll have to stunt on them next time
I don't give a fuck if I go blind, I don't need to see the price tag anyways

I'm high on 12 Jason Bournes, lookin' to beat the cum out of a thick fresh hoe
We're smokin' filtered crack, you stupid piece of shit. I'll fuckin' kill you!
Call that pussy The Matrix because I'm in this bitch and I can't get out
Last guy who ran off on the pack got choked out by some Givenchy gloves
The last thing he ever saw was the price tag on them
Slowly faded into darkness and I let the archangels take 'im

I need more Sequoia banshee boogers
Don't be shy, girl, I love me some pastrami mud flaps
I'm movin' like French Montana--Haaanh?
Welcome to the cream kingdom, bitch

Open up
Blac Chyna, I'd drink her piss out of another man's balls
My shooter a crackhead, he look like Woody Harrelson
You ain't seen ten bands in your life, jit
Reach for my neck, you'll get turned into an example

Y'all gotta stop playin' with me, man
I threw diamonds at the strip clubs under the great pyramids
I pushed the camel through the eye of a needle
This shit ain't nothin' to me, man

Tied the ops to the back of a Trackhawk and dragged 'em around the block for 24 hours
Motherfucker look like a Resident Evil 5 campaign extra after we was done with him
Ops wanted some initiative, blew up their entire quadrant
I'm moving like Oppenheimer

She dropped that ass on me from an egregarious angle
They thought I was Steven Wallace
Top shelf zaza disrupted my circadian rhythm
I have seen the Magna Carta
I've seen the Eye of Hora
I was flipping bricks for Mansa Musa before y'all even became a type 1 civilization
This shit ain't nothin' to me, you stupid piece of shit
Step the wrong way and you will perish

That pussy feel like Biscoff butter
You think I care about this shit?
Ask me if I care about this shit
'Cause I don't give a shit
If I had a dollar for every time they said I gave a shit I'd be broke
'Cause I don't give a shit

My bitch look like David Hasselhoff
I balled so hard they thought I was a fuckin' nutsack
This shit ain't nothin' to me, man
I'll kill you, you stupid piece of shit

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tjpav2018136 2 months ago

Ill kill you you stupid peice of shitasd