Plexsy – We'll Find Our Way
Genre Nerdcore, Pop

We'll Find Our Way

Feat. Illymation

Verse 1Plexsy

Seen as nothing more than just a curse
Pour the salt in me and make it worse
I know you’re hurting, I do
I’m hurting just like you
All the wounds can’t be reversed
But the damage done can be inverse
I know you noticed, I do
I just want to trust you

Before chorus 1Plexsy

Hold on and don’t let go
You’re stronger than you know

Chorus 1Plexsy

Oh you can treat me like a demon
But I will still believe in you
If you’ll stay right here with me
Hold on i’m stuck within a cage
A beast inside enraged
I trust in you you’ll find your way

Verse 2Illymation

Put my walls up far too high
That I trapped myself inside
I know it’s pointless, I do
You need somеone to save you
I tried to find thе light in me
When all they saw was heresy
I know you’re broken, I do
I’ll be there to save you

Before chorus 2Illymation & Plexsy

And I will not let go
But I just need you to know

Chorus 2Plexsy

Oh you’re not in control
But I will never fold to you
Overcame the beast in me
Hold on I can’t sever the tie
But maybe we can fly
I’ll trust in you we’ll find a way

BridgePlexsy, Illymation

And if you fall apart on me
Without a way to escape
I’ll spread my wings out wide for you
And carry you away

And if the dark comes bleeding through
I will keep the storm at bay
There’s a magic we have never lost
Through the trials that we face

It comes from a familiar place

Chorus 3Plexsy, Illymation

Please don’t treat me like a demon
You know that I believe in you
[I’ve seen the beast that lies
And if you swear that you’ve seen it
There’s no need to retreat
I trust in you we’ll find our way

If I meet you at the edge
If you fall then I will catch you
[I swear that I will never leave your side
And if you swear that you mean it
Til’ it’s more than just disease
I’ll trust in you

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