Piggy Bullets – BNNY RBBT
Genre Pop

Piggy Bullets

Verse 1
The piggys guard, the rabbit yard
They scoffed at our empty trough
Then because they killed one of us
We knew what we had to do
Tonight we can't wait another decade
It's like we hope pigs will fly


As they raise their little guns
And let piggy bullets fly
It's a fine night to die

Verse 2

Tonight we agree to try for peace
Our demands are not grand
To live equal to you we're shaking your hooves
But there is one who lies through his teeth
Cuz he's got one more trick up his sleeve
He lets piggy bullets fly
It's a fine night to die

[Before chorus

Tonight's a glorious night under the moon
Our bodies are buried our spirits will rise


Cuz god's gonna open his eyes
When piggy bullets fly
He smites piggys tonight



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