Picture Us Tiny – Out All Night

Out All Night

Verse 1

We out all night
We are so late, the party started at half past nine
In a house that I don’t know but I know what it’s like
In the corner, shady faces are doing lines
And the stoners out back clouding their minds

Chorus 1

I wish I fit in
But heels against the walls I stay
Girls keep on passing by
But I do not know what I should say
I think I lost my friends
Or they ditched me for another place
I’m not sure that this party is for me

Verse 2

We out all night
And now this girl, she keep on trying to catch my eye
Mini skirt and you know it’s pulled up high
She whispers in my ear, “let’s go get high”
I guess I can’t turn down that invite

Chorus 2

The room is spinning
But still she hands me a cup to drink
She’s kinda cool so I take it even though I’m feeling sick
Suddenly, everyone is running from the cops I think
I’m not sure that this party is for me

Verse 3

We out all night
And now I’m running down the block there is no light
Hearing sirens like a haunted lullaby
I look around there is nobody by my side
Pull out my phone but it is dead, I wanna cry

Chorus 3

But then I see it
The golden arches holy glow
I look in through the side and all my friends are by the door
I order a shake and fries, now I don’t know why I was stressed before
Maybe this party, it could be for me

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