Philophobia – L3THXBO
Genre Pop



Once they start mentioning love, I just run and hide myself
Cause it always has a way of eating me inside my brain
My thoughts telling me "don't run", maybe someday I will find
Someone I can share my love
Tryna put my pride aside, I don't even talk that much
If she tryna shoot her shot, let her gun right on my head
Heal these bruises on my body, before I might end up dead
Come let's run into the sunset, both of us could chase the bread
The thought of me sitting by myself later filled on me with dread
You feel worried, I've neglected you, it's not that, cause I'm scared
Love can cost you and it's dangerous, it's time to pay your debts
Got a chip right on my shoulder, I can't sit down and relax
It will suck if all this ends, cause you are one helluva blessing
When you need my help, just hit my line I'll come there running
You're like kryptonite, weak in my knees, my Aphrodite
Gave me sleepless nights, cause you been running on my mind
As I gaze up in the sky, who knew you were the one to find

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