Peter Himmelman – Synesthesia
Genre Pop


Verse 1

I see your voice in the night
I feel your angel eyes
I taste your words
I touch your mind
All your truth and all your lies


Synesthesia everything is turning around
Synesthesia I hear the color, and I see the sound

Verse 2

I met in the spring
So near the raging sea
You left me mystified and dark inside
Like the sight's come down to me


Synesthesia everything is upside down
Synesthesia I see the voices, and I taste the sound

Verse 3

I used to trust my sensеs
They brought the world into my brain
They fillеd me up and gave life
Now, only confusion remains


Synesthesia everything is so unclear
Synesthesia I use my hands to see and my eyes to hear

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