Pedro Season – Le Puté
Genre Rap

Pedro Season

[Verse 1
Spent a few months on my own
I already lost all control
Put my thoughts down to let it slide
They said "name a few who'd die by yo side"
Yonce back with "me, myself and I"
It only takes to see who's left behind
Cause I got to see me being right
And it doesn't feel like all along
But sometimes you take some for time
Even though I'm freezing on the low
Quit the job so I got plenty now
Made three albums in weeks anyhow
Market value rising anyhow
And I ain't dropping shit, that's how I feel about it
Spent a few months with the sing
I can't let shit get between
Let rap shit go for a reason
But I can't quit for a season
Still made a improvement, just wait for the land
Got mine up here in the palm of my hand
Got my mind clear cause it's Blur what I listen
You know I can't go any season
Got my team up in my house for 3 days
And we made an EP, clips and reframe
Stuck in the building and healing a bit
It only took minutes for making the beats
Still in Los Giles
Ridin the thrill end
Watching a thriller
You know I believe but I'm not a believer
Alan been making a killin
AK: the clique that be chillin
All it's been jokes but when joke is aside
All of us makin a milli
I know the spirit ain't that real
But I see potential from miles here
Spent a few months for a weekend
You know I can't quit any season
You know I can't quit any season
You know I can't quit any season

[Verse 2
I spit feelings when I change lenguage
But can't talk cause I get nervous
I switch pans if I feel like it
Cause it's Panta Rei til I don't care bout it

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