Paul Smith – Wait Upon the Lord
Genre Pop

Wait Upon the Lord

Hey, say, what's your hurry?
Trying hard to run this race all by yourself
Oh, you're growing weary
When you could be standing still
Could be learning how to wait upon the Lord

Nothing short of frantic
Trying hard to burn your candle at both ends
Oh, no need to panic
Let each new day always be
Just another chance to wait upon the Lord

Chasing after treasures that you're wanting so
All you have is rusting in the rain
Instead of hold on, you should be letting go
In the end you'll find it's true
Giving up means coming back to you

So, hear what I'm saying
Let tomorrow come and take care of itself
Oh, you should be staying
Where your strength can bе renewed
Comе and take the time to wait upon the Lord

When your faith is failing
And your hope is gone
Victim of the burdens that you bear
Let Him be the one to cast your care upon
He will bring you eagle wings
To lift you through the air

Oh, it will be better
There is rest for those
Who take Him at His word
All will work together
For the ones who will obey
For the one who say I'll wait upon the Lord

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