Patience – Froogle
Genre Pop



Prepare for the worst
But I hope for the best
Is that what they say
Give a fuck what they say
I’ll be there in a sec
Is that what they say
I don’t care what they say
That’s just how I feel
I’ll I know it’s off my mind

[Verse 1]

Everything great takes time
Rome wasn’t built in a night
I be at my Amazon prime
And I'm not gonna spend it not trying
I wasn’t always good at directions
Or paying attention
For 30 seconds
Guess I’m not interested

[Verse 2]

Life is a gift
And I always forget
No one appreciates
It if it’s quick
Heaven and hеll
What a story to tell
I always fail
But I know I won’t quit
Somebody told me
That’s just how it is
Am I a thrеat to the way that you think
We all have reasons to live

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