Panoramic* – Trippie Redd
Genre Rap



Kill the music nigga [Haha
1400, 800 gang


New panoramic, I keep a stick, why the fuck would I panic
Why the fuck would I worry, you know I'mma blam' it
Up in the sky and my gang is a
Diamonds on me and they mufuckin' dancin'
Manson, demon chop, bitch I'm like Marilyn
I'm with a bitch while her nails and her hair did
Don't fuck with niggas like
Smack me with cheese and call me a Karen
She get on her knees but don't wanna get married
I'm milkin' her face but she don't do no dairy
Got rid of the kid but still gotta carry
I pull out her weave, I'm no ordinary
I stick with them P's like mufuckin Perry the platypus
Severe multiple hands, collateral
You can't get to the top the latеral
Niggas ain't got no balls, they die slow
Moving in multiple cars and doing thе dash, hoe

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