Paid 4 Dis – Cashleaders
Genre Rap

Paid 4 Dis


See I'm puttin in work I ain't never seen a short shift
Aye, A young nigga gettin' paid for this
Young nigga getting paid for this
Young nigga getting paid for this
Young nigga gettin paid, aye aye aye aye

Verse 1Mediumjay

Puttin niggas on like a t-shirt
Niggas on my back and knees hurt
Back blown out like a Geezer
Niggas stabbed me in the back hail Caesar
So honestly, I ain't really got time
A nigga wanna try me tell a nigga get in line
New nickname should be optimus prime
Cause I be transforming on niggas no lie
I work beyond a normal 9-5
When I sleep my dreams shape my life
People asking me how are you still alive
Cause when you grind, you just gotta take flight
I work days, nights and evenings too
I guess that's the difference between me and you
My boss ain't believe me when till seen the proof
Showed him and he's like damn you work more than me dude
Damn you work more than me dude
Damn you work more than me dude


Verse 2Mitchy Moo

Full time part time shit all type of shifts, bruh
Gotta call in sick, to make my other shift, bruh
Got wrist weights to work out while I sit, bruh
Gotta take a break just to go and fuck ya bitch raw
Dwayne Johnson, must be on some rocks
Way we working round the clock son
She let us run the train-
And I ain't talkin' Thomas
I'm talkin in my office
I couldn't get off work so we hit it in the closet
Wear her out like Gucci
I'm cool keefed with two liters
Of 50 proof caesars
Stirred with two uzi's
Bitch bad and boujee
My boo want two groupies
She do the team tune
She playin' our music

My bitch working
My clique working
Always try to hustle with us
You ain't got the work skills
Work skills
You ain't got the
Work skills
Cause we paid for this


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