OTMGirls – Aggressive Girl - English
Genre Pop

Aggressive Girl - English

Verse 1

I've done it again fronting like I'm a good girl
Collecting the points like a goody two-shoes
My head is filled with dissatisfaction
Everything about this world is full of b.s
All of you all of you all of you all of you!
Everyday everyday everyday everyday!


How did it come to this?
I just can't live with myself!

Verse 2

A patched-together portrait of a good girl
Take this peeling collage and burn it all down
You can bark all you want But you know it'll never reach anyone

[One Two Three Four]

In a dark underground cut off from all light
Covering up the wound that's been gouged at
Everyone must go on up a lonely path of being different


Go where that voice reaches someone
Even if the light is just a little blinding
I'll show you a word that is different from all that you know
Hear my prayers grant my desires
I promise I won't be a spoiled brat anymore
Let me be that one speck of a miracle
Even if you're scared of the future
Just as long as there is something you believe in
I'll show you a sight that is unlike anything you've seen
Hey God are you listening to me?
Watch me as I go and destroy this world
I'm a wolf about to tear off my sheep's skin

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