Original Cast of ARISTOS: the Musical – Visitations
Genre Pop

Visitations lyrics



Will you not heed?
Come away from the sight of the slaughter
Turn your face from the things that were taken
They have finally paid for your honor

Will you not heed?
Will you not heed?
Will you not heed?
Aristos Achaion


Who is this boy?
He’s stricken, he’s broken
In the violet moonlight, let us leave this room
For far too soon you’ll be awoken

You’ve grown too brave for pretending
There’s nothing left for you to save
Just swear you’ll let our ashes lie together
And I’ll find you in my arms when we awake


Achilleus Who is this boy?
Achilleus Who is this boy?
Achillеus Who is this boy?
Achilleus Who is this boy?


Look at you now
You’re swеating and bleeding and crying
You’re wasting and rotting and dying
Peleus’ son
I was sure that I made you a hero
Do you know all my sorrow is for you?
Do you know what I bore as I bore you?

I had known that your life would be fleeting
Yet you doom yourself twice with your grieving
Would you cast away all that I gave you?
Would you sneer at the one who would save you?

Who is this boy?
Who is this monster?
I gave you forever
And this is what you wanted?

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