Oral Fistfuck – Nemesis


Time has come for revelation
I am the expected judgement day
I'm complete determination
Nothing will be left to stay
Rising from different dimensions
A being far beyond your intellect
Envolved through complex conditions
My form and shape, perfect

Aeons for aeons, regulating functions
Appearing on the top of each conjunction
Existence erased, echoing in the space
Balancing the univеrse, manipulating the time rеverse

Indoctrinate! All is serving my cause
Eradicate! Cultures collapse in chaos
Equality! Balance of energy
I'm the bringer of the opposite to everything
Existence not existent
The bringer of the opposite to everything
I am the essence, omnipotence
Proliferating, annexing

I am eternity!
I am sovereignty!
No god besides me!

My orders obeyed
Opened the gate
Your dismiss
A new age's genesis

I'm neither mind nor intellect
My instance complete, perfect
Fire and wind, water and earth
No element needed for my rebirth
I don't know ego or memory
I am bliss, negating everything

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