Open Your Arms – New device
Genre Pop

When I hit the wall
When I start to crawl
When I get up and look around
And I see it all
It all seems clearer
And after I have been blinded by the light
When I wanna be the one who'll treat you right
It all seems clearer

We live
We die
We dream
We scream "Whoa-oh!"
And I hope you'll understand
When I will fall
I'll ask you 'Open your arms?'
We love
We lose

We scream "Whoa-oh!"
And I hope you'll understand
When I'll ask you
Open your arms

When the time is gone
When the right is wrong
When all the plans that I have made are takin' far too long
I want you nearer
And when I break down
Pull me to the light
You remain the bright star in my darkest night
I want you nearer
You opened up my world
Became everything
You held me up
And I dared to love again

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