one'ne'one – FOUR
Genre Hip Hop, Rap



I remind you one is one
In this case one is three, three is five, five is four

Verse 1

Huh you get it, look at the sun rise insane
Inject something into the vein [switch
Man runs out the smoke but still sky is red
Doubt wanna woke bombardier inside the head still a lot left
In four men, one of them thinks he is conan
The rest thinking that they resonance
One not agree looks like an opponent
Then someone a summon this is horizon
Don’t assume he will be violent if it’s because he is ignorant silent
When you know people know take a phone put a smile on your dial
I’ma ins inspire, what is re retire, im’a light a fire, this is appetizer
Find a a liar that’s a re require don’t be de denial this is re reminder
Dirty dozen, i listen on sunday day morning
Feel heavy but so feel happy
I’ma being hungry
I’ma dealing learning exactly, technically
This is no hope no funny
Nobody know somebody apology audacity officially
This guy is fire man
What i’m inspire man?
Look this environment
This is a five four
Everything is in my core
The journey you gonna explore

Verse 2

Devil whisper on your head but his scared
Chases with other, push other to the road slaughter got fracture
Juggernaut love enough body bag inside the judge
Push the kid can’t decide
Ask other kid “How old are you?” you get it the joke are you
Manifested by nothing, check reddit who was discussing
What i supposed to do is only recorded
A motivator can’t be supported
Debate with baited make it grow to be hated and i don’t wanna be started
Look use the force crack a nose [aahhh] not overdose
Back and forth what result [aaahh] last report


Where’s the key? oh right here

Verse 3

Welcome to my mind
Stab a stone throw the knife, Who jump on you
Throw the dice
It’s makes down on you, that’s advice?
Eh double dice
Throw the knife stab a stone
I don’t trying chases the throne
Even have goatee have a sign, son
Flip a coin it’s not shame, son
Look hashtag on your head are you mad bro
Yesterday doesn’t relate before ow now wow
To much take a different when you running you go backward
To much grade a ignorant when you sleeping you go desert


Who said first, who said a verse, who begun?
When it comes to “i” go back to the first second

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