I opened up my mailbox this morning
Got a message from "The Man"
He said 'You can roll on just as quick as you like
But just find yourself if you can
Love your sisters and your brothers
Be true to all your lovers-
Though they may not understand'
And he said
'Find the silence caught in all the violence
Try to find a way to move on'

And I can feel you on the wind
Yeah, yeah
Yes, I can hear you on the wind.....

Got a knock on the door this morning
Got a visit from "The Man"
He said 'Sit down with me my son
We'll find the way if we can
I know your world is in "recover"
So don't cry to your mother
Cos' it's time to be a better man
Oh and when you find another
Just tell her that you love her and make sure she understands'

I will find you
Right behind you 'till the end
Yes, I will find you

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