Omgjo4Y! – Night Fazer (V4Mp Life)
Genre Rap

Night Fazer (V4Mp Life)

[Vamp Life

Run in my life
Like you Own me
Feeling's In my head
Yeah Feeling So Lonely

Running Through My Team
Then She Holds Me
Can't Fuck With That Hoe
Whore Is Annoying
Stuck in my Feelings
I Can't See The Price
All these Damn Bitches A Sacrifice
All my Diamonds Blinging Like Icey Ice
You Ain't wanna fight me
Hoe Yeah I Like It
Hoe Yeah i Like It [Come Here
Feelings Of her Right Hip
Hoe Yeah I Like It
Hoe Yeah I Like It
Come Here

Vamp Life
Vamp Life
Movin Like the Speed Of Light
[Come Here]

All These Diamonds Yeah They Costing Bae
Too Me Your Two Yo Your Unrelated
Damn Bae your Unrelated
Can't No hoe Find Me im Outta Here

[Vamp Life
[Vamp Life]

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