OmgItsMedina – FERAL


Feat. Habitt


Run up on the muthafuckin' clique you get yo wig split
Neva gave a fuck bout shit, n that’s on the krypt
Run up with the motherfuckin' switch you get you shit slit
All you fuckin suckers runnin' lip, you can suck a dick

Leave that sucks whining crying bitch you should suck it up
Ima cop a sack a da gas, n ima fuck it up
Fist flying straight at ya head, you better fuckin duck
Habitt pulled up wit the Krypt and showed them suckas' what was up

Tiny demons crawling in my mouth, I can’t get em' out
Comin' straight up out da south, ya come and find out
Stackin bread above da house, yea das a large amount
Trap door locked under the couch, u ain’t gettin' out

Wrapped up in that ripped coat, yea u don’t test the goat
Bitch I keep that big smoke, n ima need some mo
Kick it wit the fuckin bro, n we get fuckin throwеd
Shiv finna fuckin poke, into yo fuckin throat

Creeped in, he wasn’t awakе, n he never woke
I stay gettin' fuckin baked, n bitch you neva smoke
Keep that fuckin poker face, I simply can’t emote
Walked up wit them fuckin flames, ya boy is fuckin toast
I’m a fuckin' demon yeah I’m sick in my fuckin head
Every waking moment telling myself I wish I was dead
Warmed by the fire, burning every book I never read
Stained red pages from the blood that I fuckin bled

I’m that feral fuckin dog, layin in the bog
Pop up like a frog n smash yo face into a fuckin log
Following your dialogue, I can’t see thru da fog
Sent that boy flying found his body all the way in Prague

Habitt got ya card, now ask for da cash back
Got a new bitch, see da way she throw that ass back
0 in my cash app, bodies on my Snapchat
Strap and the mask keep that in the backpack

I’m that muthafuckin' litch comin' out the krypt
Greywater five dead bodies layin under it
Rotten fuckin corpses layin dead cuz they never lived
I should be in prison for the shit I wish I fuckin did

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