Omar Sterling – Exotic Flow
Genre Rap

Exotic Flow

We dey pon jackside bro
We smɔke foreign
This ain't no regular flow
This is exotic
The days of la borrow was the 90s
These cloths i bought it
Every failure was growth im never worried
K!llmatic please record this please record this
Let them know this rap thing is my calling
The raps on this logic will
See daylight like morning
Its 2011 me and bogers we bump!ng all this
Come one, come all
Man up, Man fall
Harder than the stonebwoy
This no be Dancehall
Born to fail was on a floor but now we stand tall
You were my fav but now you cancel
The last time a niqqa said sh!t was 96
Last time a niqqa said shit he felt the fist
Last time a niqqa said sh!t let me check my wrist cox
The last time a niqqa said sh!t it dont exist
Dont stab me in the back look me in the face
We live and we learn ma bro we made mistakes
Shout to Dr. Duncan Tema he put us on
He will tell i’ve been dropping bars before Eddie got a case
Me b3 drope wo bars stop wo ny3 me mate
They watch our every move, watche aa gyina me gate
We dey inside they chat boys
We dey debate
She found love in Accra how we can’t relate
Mr. Sterling for real he is the deal
The boy is soo sick I heard he wrote his will
They boy is soo sick they said give him a pill
They boy is soo cold, his flows it gives you chills
When we are on a holiday it is a real
The girl soo thick these chicks dey from Brazil
Your boy is soo joke im sure they know Nazil

CS in the club these girls is point and kill
Never bend, Never fold
Mum say she be back
Never came, Never showed
My dad did well thats why we really close
That old G put the boy on his ten toes
12Ks every Sallah new clothes
And he wasn't rich sometimes no dough
But he is the epitome of a hustler
A man that make ends meet Baba you my Hero
God damn i wrote this song for you
I’ve never wanted kids but i go born for you
I dey lie ground i moe the lawn for you
Me and bros go always be strong for you
At 16 he came from the North less i forgot

My dad had no where to stay slept under tracks
His close friend got him a job hustle for por
Walla tʋ walla sa banga the hustle of course
Whose willing to sacrifice whose willing to win
He was introduced to drʋg biz wasn’t willing to learn
Was just willing to work for every shilling he earn
Never willing to beg for anything he earned
I put all of my eggs in one basket
You know all of my stress in one casket
Anyone who can’t trust cannot be trusted
Roll ma bucket list done it and dusted
Everything we did it
Everywhere we visit
This lyrics paint pictures
Pictures soo vivid
They money and fame changing you
You were soo timid
It left you to your grave you now soo finish

I heard Mr. Sterling coming for everybody
I charge my battery she know im ever ready
To k!ll these niqqas where is the cemetery
They already dead and buried
That sh!t is secondary
Where my first son Waddle at?
Tell’em we grew up on battle raps
You be valley handle that
You want beef
Cut the cattle crab
We from the streets bro
Where we carry slugs
Uphold to cuddle pass
To the niqqas that stayed through the times
Our bond is deeper than that

Deeper than rap lines
You be my friend, my bro, you in my bloodline
We shine bright like we britter than black diamond
2008 had niqqas carries around time
2019 girls this is fun time
Girl you hop come here you are sunshine
She said fvk love no boy im done trying
I thank the universe for my daily bread
I dont know how i got here cox im a lazy head
But what is written is written
Everything is pre destined
If you die broke ,life will break you dead

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