Oh Lord – Philly Dash
Genre Rap

Oh Lord

Verse One:
We Gotta Move The Hate
Can't Keep Making Same Mistakes
Hope These People Can Relate
Most Of Music Run By Fakes
Man This World Is Run By Pain
If You Do Not Sell Ya Soul
You’ll Lose Ya Friends Along The Way
Look At Pac Look At Proof
Look At L Look At Jews
Look At Music Look At News
Go To Youtube Check The Views
You Can Call Me Crazy
I'm Just Doin This For You
Shit Obama's In A Tube
The Towers Fell In Too?
Pigs Can Get The Flu?
World Peace Will Be A New
Or They'll Just Be A Nuke
Now Pray To The Popе
And The Roman Catholics To
The World Was Hit With A Curse
Back In 33 AD
That's Whеn Lucifer Broke Free
Now All There Is, Is Hate
Can't Forget About The Rape
New Diseases Everyday
Covid Has Arrived
Magic Johnson Has Aids, How Come He Hasn’t Died?
Or That Planet In The Sky
Resting Over The NY

Verse Two:
Let’s Go Back In Time
See How Planets Were Aligned
Look Up Premonitions
And See The Way We Living
You'll See The World Twisted
Most Predictions We've Been Given
Have Us Liven With The Sinning
While The Higher Up Are Grinning
We're The Pawns On The Board
Used For Critical Decisions
Here’s A New Smart Phone
To Understand It Better
Forget Cursive We Text
We No Longer Penning Letters
No Mask No Entry
It’s Patriotic Member?
Socialism At It’s Finest
Make Sure You Read The Fine Print
No Cash Just Credit
Then Why They Taking Debit
Fuck Ya 2 Cents You Nuisance
Exact Change You Prick
You Ain’t Gonna Sue Shit
You Ain’t Gonna Do Shit
Till It’s Too Late
Then They Up In Yo' Place
Telling You It’s This Way
And This May Sound Cliche
But It’s Murder Murder Murder
Kill Kill Kill
Mayday Mayday
Goodbye USA

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