Official Dream SMP Musical – & Maybe Then

& Maybe Then

& Maybe Then lyrics


A child's mind
So rich, so full
Imagination set blinders to your eyes
A child's heart
Still beats for his father
Creating phantoms in the ash of a lie

And maybe then
He'll be there beside you
And you'll still feel his sweet breath on your cheek
And maybe then
He'll be you to guide you
On empty docks where you'd fish in the creek

If I was a child
Explosions are bugles
And ash is just confetti in the air
And what is good never tainted
And he'll come visit me in the morn

And he will sit right at his table
And tell mе "It was just all a bad dream"
A stupid girl and her imagination
Creating phantoms of what shе has seen
But reality is cruel
And he won't come here buying your bread
And there's still no written renewal
For a hero who's already dead

Please time don't pass by this child
Don't let him witness all that I have seen
And please time let him stay father
The one that he desperately needs

And I'll stay the one that will never see...

NIKI, spoken


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