James Rtee – OFF My CheSt
Genre Rap

OFF My CheSt

Let me get this off my chest

[verse 1
Used to think that im better than the rest
Life was hard, it wouldn't give me rest
Till i chose to confess and let it rest
In myself i try to be the best
Searching for happiness, im in a quest
Im not number one, im not last
Im just flying solo in middle class
Pockets well-swollen, i just carry cash
But back then i never had that
Peoples judgments, i go past that
Same niggas compare me to the best
Thats leaves me with a question, will i ever be that?
The answer lies in the hands of a fan
Should i start going back?
Pack some books in the bag and have a college plan?
Make it to the states and work for "the man"
For me thats some shit i dont understand
Infact thats why i stay grounded with my plan
No plan B, i stick to one plan like a tan
If i dont make it than im not rated level ten
Not even on the top ten as ive said
Just a simple nigga making more than what he has
Now heres the plan
I plan to wealthy and never weary for the fam
Looking over my shoulder, i let God tell me if i can
Silent convo you've never heard of, leaves you contemplating with death
Walk of fame, i invented my own path
Can you get that?
A young nigga making more than what he has

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