Ode To The Mundane – Aeromos
Genre Pop

Ode To The Mundane

I lay Z's on a Jackson Pollock
With an itch to create an draw it
I dig into my fabric for my favorite cherry polymer
To blossom
Art literally from the heart
Till my hobby is stigmatics and I scar us one for all
It's a silver dollars worth for not playing possum nightly
In the wrong eyes it's unsightly
Preferably before my demise
I wish this niche grind would end
Because it's not suicide but outside interference
They want rations
I want to perfect static positions
Till my stature is Smithsonian
My playbook is dirt old
Calling all poachers
I'm flowing under ya nose
Taking a duck boat down my soda fountain
Going by the big gulp
I stay off the new coke
Mountain Dew is my aloe water
Dr. Pepper is my Robitussin
Pepsi is raw cane protection
Sit with the hard knock lifers
Cause I only invest in ice
To water down my favorite syrup
So if you're drinking with me today
Don't anticipate getting wasted
Don't even hedge bets
You'll lose your checking
Or win pennies on the Benjamin
On my preference being sober and cleansed
But needing to mold dust to mud to bricks
To construct housing projects
For alter egos 'n friends
And enjoy it
My normal is T's and Jeans
Dominance from a pose and blues is how I'm weaved
If I'm in uniform please find my identity
I'd rather burn my money
And perm my character in cuneiform
The very least is that my heart is warm

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