Obsessions – MoneyMan Nate
Genre R&B



I’m tired of gazing at my phone and not seeing your name
I’m tired of not receiving a call from the one that say bae
Girl trust me I do want to call but my pride in the way
And I know that you fighting your thoughts my name scatter your brain
And ever since you left nothings the same
I need something a little more to cure all this pain
Do I look dead or alive or is it the same?
You was just the best in my eyes in every little way
But even though I want you back I’m a give you your space
And I want you to be happy but how can I face it
Look at all the love we had I can’t replace it
That’s the part that’s killing inside I cannot replace it
I don’t think nothing but you can cure all this pain
You the only one that’s different everyone else the same
Girl I need you, all I’m tryna say
Girl I’m looking in your eyes I see you feel the same way

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