Obry – Skeptical
Genre Rap



Keeping it a hunnid feel like everybody fake
Heard you losing money going broke on a chain
Felt like I was nothing til I got my head straight
Now I got some money having bitches kinda lame

Ima chase the money while you niggas chasing hoes
I can spend some money if I want on some clothes
You niggas really broke why you capping in them songs
On the net you bold for some hoes, that shit old
Now I’m hella rich everybody hella nice
If I want it ima buy it I’m not worried bout the price
When it come to being rich you gotta learn to sacrifice
I’m living life in paradise I had to pay the price

They called me clown now I’m laughing to the bank
I’m hella rich now I don’t care bout what you think
I’m loving what I do and I’m loving what I make
I knew about the games I was waiting for the change

You niggas stressing over bitches looking foolish
You spent a bag on that bitch now you lookin goofy
You put your all in a ho i know you feel stupid
I don’t like designer clothes I don’t wear Gucci

Lone wolf in this world I don’t need nobody
I was busy making money when y’all couldn’t find me
I can’t trust nobody, nobody really got me
Can’t trust these hoes they be fucking everybody

Last bitch got replaced, I was feeling out of place
New bitch give good brain, but that money make my day
There’s some bitches I could name that be acting fake for fame
It’s some shit I can’t say but you see it in my face

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