Obry – Money Spread
Genre Rap

Money Spread

Feat. 9ine

Verse 1Obry

I got so much money I don’t need yo ass no way
Talking bout my figures I got bands around my waist
She said her nigga broke so she wanna have taste
My money super long I got money I can waste

I ain’t going to yo crib bitch I’m going to the bank
Damn my life is good so you know I’m living great
We just countin racks yea we do this everyday
I can feel the hate yea I see it on their face
Going up on my price
I need 5 for a show
Now these bitches acting nice
I would never fuck a ho
Nigga you ain’t got no money why lying to yo ho
Nigga who the fuck you killing man that gun is just for show

Playing with my money that shit make me go insane
Nigga yo bitch sucking dick yea she giving me that brain
I just got these racks nigga we are not the same
You a broke ass nigga you been paying with yo savings

Verse 29ine

Yea yea yea yea I snap on this beat and I really go dummy
I’m giving her dick she say yummy my tummy
That lil nigga sweet like some muh’fucking honey


We gon’ bite down a nigga I ain’t talking alligator
Got a Glock with a beam call that bitch a lightsaber
Gonna line up a nigga I ain’t talking bout tapers
We gon’ creep on his block like a muh’fucking creeper
Niggas inaudible] but you sit on the bleachers
If you really is boy better pack a lil heater
We toting inaudible] like a muh’fucking seizer
I popped a lil band then I popped a lil xan
I heard you changing colors like a muh’fucking tan
When I spotted a lil opp on the block he ran
Niggas run after me like a muh’fucking fan
I popped a lil xan I don’t give a fuck
Ima spit on this shit nigga this is my land
We having drums like a muh’fucking band
You really can’t see me how I’m waving my hand
We gon beat down a nigga like I’m Jacky Chan
Nigga talking that shit like I said he ran
He claiming that shit but I don’t give a fuck
inaudible] you better duck

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