Nv1 / .38 Outro – ISSACHARR
Genre Rap

Nv1 / .38 Outro



One, two
Still in my...
Might as well just use your...

Verse 1

Still in my ways
Still need that shit for the safe
Get on my pace
This shit not a race
But I'm still on the fucking chase
Let's bring in the bass
There we go, now it's feeling like a fucking fireplace
Like a Ferris Wheel
Going slow before the marriage though
Before the Maury show
Before the storage though
Bill payments, swear to god by now I should have made it
But he's growing tall now, he's almost three, shit
Past my knee, shit, 'least I seen it
Some men never get a chance
Some rather run real fast
Some dead from a shotgun blast
God damn time move so fast
But when god look down he probably just laugh... [hahaha]

Bridge 1

And I did all the math
I did all of that
I counted my cash
I studied the map
I know where I'm at
I know what it is
I did all that shit so what the fuck gives?

What the fuck gives?
Fuck gives?
The fuck gives?

Bridge 2

And now I trust nobody
Naw I don't trust nobody
I don't trust old, I don't trust new money
Always tried to drew up the blueprint for me

Tried to draw the blueprint for me dawg? [Ha...
My path's unique
Got my own ways

Verse 2

And I probably... [Probably
Probably won't win the lottery [Probably
Probably won't win the Larry O like Lowry
But it's all Cheerio like cereal
I ain't worried 'bout nobody
Everybody got doubts...
I'm still tryna clean my house
Still tryna kick waste niggas out
No doubt
Different kinda shit I'm about
Was always thinking rich since I was a 'lil kid
Why now would I change my route? [Huh
Hit a switch a bitch [Hah
Like a whip with the tricks [Huh
'Cause she fit my descript
Type of shit that I do when I'm pissed
There's really no rules in this
Might as well just use your gift
Either win or you lose at this
It's up to you to choose your pick


It's up to you
That's what we tryna get
That's the way I feel about it
It's up to you nigga
It's up to you nigga
It's up to you bro
Who you looking at in the mirror?
That's what we tryna get

.38 Outro


Looking back on the highway
Wishing I did it my way
Wishing I lived it to the cup runneth
But I don't know if yall would really want it
I don't know If yall would want me to take you to a place in mind where it's so friggin haunted
We could sit and talk about it for hours could call me a coward but still yall niggas wouldn't want it
Like all that tough talk and provocation
But go put that bullet in slow motion...
Could probably see your face changing frame by frame when fear enters It's name like a meme but this shit ain't, it's okay
I feel the same
But I'm not for having a chat and coping together
I tell my fans...
Don't confide in me, don't be lying to me
Saying I changed your life
You was just too blind too see [See
I write these songs for me
Used to write, used to think
If I could make these songs relate
Make a link, find some sort of link, impress you
Then maybe I'd interest you
And you'd press play and let it run through all the way and hey...
Maybe you'd tell Drake or J. Cole and let 'em know...
Eh yo this nigga special
Just like a .38 next to blow
But only one round left in the gun now
And all a sudden this shit ain't so fun now
'Cause it's feeling like life or death
And it's got me stressed
But if I pull it self inflict still had five bullets left


Would have still had five bullets left...
Five bullets left...
Would have still had five...

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