Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang – Insane Clown Posse
Genre Rap

Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang

Violent J
Straight out of Warren, bitch you a joke
Sucking so much dick your fucking lips smoke
With your silly ass pretty boy rap
Be muggin and thuggin sittin on Dre's lap

Shaggy 2 Dope

Pull a gat on my thug, no bullets or nothing
You shaking, stumbling
Nervous, fumbling
Scared to death, screamin for help
So damn shook you almost shot yourself


Little radio thug with your preppy smile
Got everybody hoppin outta 35 miles
Tellin us we fake Little faggot, What?
I'mma knock your teeth out the back of your neck

Shaggy] [Violent J
You might have little girls cryin and shit
But the detroit thugs ain't buying your shit
[Run your ass back to Dr Dre and open your butt
Little groupie ass boy get fucked!

[Chorus- J
Dumbass [Dumbass
Bitchass [Bitchass
Weakass [Weakass
Eminem ain't nothing but a bitch [bitch
Eminem ain't nothing but a bitch [bitch
Weakass [Markass
Punkass [Punkass
Bitchass [Bitchass
Eminem ain't nothing but a bitch [bitch
Sissy ass radio bitch [bitch

Wait a minute don't run, what's up with that?
I'm just trying to give you this 300 bucks back
That you gave to Twiztid so you could open up their show
You little pussy ass ho!


Look at us dog who put us on the map?
3 plat, 2 gold, and we still like that
We did it alone without a D.R.E
But he owns and knows your butt like a pussy


Husband!, tell me where she at
Everybody be fucking that bitch you don't see that?
I know 3 people she fucked on you
Up at Hotrocks, she be fucking bitches too!


You told the world you gonna kill the slut
Then you on TV licking her butt
Be careful your probly gonna taste my nut
Cause even I be fucking that bitch raw... like WHAT!


J] [Monoxide Child] {Eminem Impersonation

[I remember your ass, St. Andrews Hall
Handing out your flyers {Come one come all
Come to my show}, I looked at it, WHAT?
Right there: Insane Clown Posse Might Show Up


What the fuck kind of rapper could be that lame?
Only way you draw people is to use our name?
I could have just fucked you up right there
But I let it pass,I felt bad for ya bitch ass!


Everytime I met you your SUCKIN DICK
Now your on the pop charts SUCKIN DICK
You'll be SUCKIN DICK for eternity
Look at your mouth, it look like a pussy!

Shaggy], [J
I know that Slim Anus got to you
[Yeah only because it was so damn true
I think of your daughter, it makes me sad
She got a whore for a mama... and a bitch ass DAD!

[Chorus w/ Variations
Bitch [BITCH!
Bitch [BITCH!
Bitch [BITCH!
Bitch [BITCH!
Eminem ain't nothing but a bitch [BITCH!
Mainstream pretty boy beeeeeeeeaaaaatch [BITCH!]

[Fades w/ Violent J speaking

Sucka ass mother fucka
Hitler ass haircut
Bitchass mother fucking
Boyband ass Top 40 Casey Casem
Carson Daly dick suckin mutha fucka

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