Nun of Dat – Retro JB
Genre Pop

Nun of Dat

[Verse 1: MOONXHILD222] Run it Back, Run it Back, Don’t give a fuck bout Nun Of Dat, I ask Klay can I uh, Shoot the Mac, All White Drip like Cocaine, Call it PradaCrack, I’m finna bitch yo from the back, Hoe Shit ain’t into that, Heart so cold that I might put Summer back on, N*gga stop rapping don’t know, I really hope you stay true to that, Who is that? TweetyBird I just saw me a PussyCat, And still I don’t got no strap but I bet this blade will get you whacked bitch, Internet Gangster, Internet Gangster, Wannabe Hood N*gga turned to a lamester, Now you in Danger make your life Disappear Chris Angel, Young N*gga really finna turn these tables, Couple Months ago I didn’t have no cable, Now I swing that blade like How Came did Able

[Verse 2: MOONXHILD222] She Wants serve my Maple Still Bro, Still find a way to count the Payroll, By 2021 back on my chin like a A do, Aye man JB Say Foo??

[Verse 3: Retro JB] Got the Club going up on a Wednesday, I’m chopping shit up like a Sensei, I’m getting that money in Ten Days, It’s on Sight, We do not Send Shade, Y’all n*ggas Sweet like Lemonade, Play with this Shit then its Renegade, Went up in your House and I’m stealing Drakes, Im bout that life & i’m really Brave, Just know Ima hit a N*gga Broad day, You know i ring bells like a Hallway, She gone give me that Head you know All Day, I take that Bitch out like a Ballgame, I play wit the Keys like Alicia, A n*gga still stay with a Heater, That girl make me sick gotta fever, No I do not want no features

[Closing; Retro JB & MOONXHILD222]: Oh Bitch Ass N*gga Run it back, Run it Back [x5] Don’t give a F*ck bout Nun Of Dat, Run it Back [x6]

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