Where the fuck’s Dox?
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ugh, fuck

Verse 1Whereisdox

Bitch, I came to annihilate
Ten kill-streak, I’m about to dominate
Too much shit to even accommodate
All your body parts came to accumulate
I break his face and I ain’t ever catch no fucking case
What you saying, ho? I play that bitch like Mario
Just face it, I’m not sane, bitch
Like Doja Cat, you send your location, huh
Breaking Bad, I break his brain
I smash his head inside a pole
Crush that boy like an Oreo
I keep a stick, I keep a pole


Yeah, I keep that pole, kill-streak, I’m on a roll
Kill that bitch if he snitch, I don’t fuck with people
Anxiety saying you a bitch, yeah, I agree
Find where he livеs, on his knees, make him fuckin' plead
Askin' me to pull up, I say "Yеs, I will indeed."
You a stupid bitch, that’s why I don’t fuck with you
I don’t fuck with people, yeah, only very few
Askin' if I’m your friend, like bitch, who are you?
Startin' shit with me, like it’s your time to fuckin' go
Fuckin' on your main hoe, yeah, you already know
Find where he lives, then I pull out with that MAC-11
You not about that 'cause we sendin' you to heaven

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